Mermaid Taurva

Professional Land & Water Performing Artist

Shello and Welcome!

“Born of earth, air, fire and water I am a daughter of the sea. A warrior, siren, sister, mermaid, a dancer wild and free. I am here in hope to inspire and connect to humans for help. The oceans here are dying, no more hiding in the kelp. If you want to meet a mermaid to play and dance and sing, then you’ve come to the right place but I ask you for one thing: can you believe in mermaids, can you help us in the sea? Play time is for everyone, can you be free with me?”

Based in Dorset & Hampshire I have surfaced because I care deeply for the wellbeing of our earth and for the happiness of us all. I want to help our stunning blue planet by reigniting the magic of compassion and imagination through storytelling, play and visual arts.

Welcome to my lagoon feel free to swim around and contact me.

Oceans of love and stay wild,


Sound The Siren

Creating compassionate & educational mermaid films about on plastic pollution and the collective power of change.

Find out more about what services I offer including; parties, wash ups on the seafront and messages from a mermaid.

To make a booking for any future events please contact me via the booking page.

Listen to my mermaid monologues, sharing all the information from my mermaid journey.

Take a peek at the visual journey of being a mermaid